northwest cornelius

I am stoked because I will finally have a home for Northwest Cornelius, my Cornelian Cherry seedling that I got for free at the 2016 Philly flower show in March.

Northwest Cornelius is a tricky little guy. Maybe he doesn’t like his name. (I hope he’ll come to appreciate his namesake, and in particular, the origin of his first name.)  After sitting in water for over a month, I was about to let him go. Sure enough, he sprouted one tiny leaf just a few days before I left for Stephen Ministry leadership training.When I returned, he had two more leaves, and now he has four.  

Elena and the Cornelian Cherry
Northwest Cornelius at center, keeping an eye on the driveway with some buttercups for company. .

I found out earlier today that our town’s Shade Tree Commission is hosting an event on Saturday morning to plant some trees in a former auction lot. I spoke with a member of the STC and I was excited to discover that Northwest Cornelius can establish permanent roots right here in my own town. He will have a place to get fresh air, good earth and someday, a bird family to make him their home tweet home. 

Here is a prayer, loosely adapted from #982 & #1006 in the Book of Blessings . (I also used it at a meeting today.) 

My values were to pray through relevant language, sensory images, and Trinitarian references that were neither distinctly masculine, nor even limited to Christian spirituality so that it could be used at a public or secular event. What follows is what came together and I hope you can adapt it for your own garden.

A prayer for planting

Loving Creator and Sustainer,
from the beginning of time,
our Mother earth has given birth
at your very word

to flowers and fruits,
fragrance, sweetness,
delights to the eye
and home to creatures of every kind.

Breathe your gentle wind upon us
so that this garden,
today, embraced by human hands,
will be a place that is forever
bursting with the awesome abundance of new life.

May our care 
for this space of fresh air and sharing
remind us of the tender love you share with every being.

Loving Creator and Sustainer,
we ask all of this
in the name of your
living love who walked the earth,
who is forever and ever. Amen.

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