A W-9 is the official form of the Internal Revenue Service that is used to provide clients with the vendor’s information. In our case, you need FontSound’s address and EIN to prepare a check. It is not a federal requirement unless the annual cumulative amount you have payed to the vendor will be $600 or more, however your institution may have additional guidelines. Diocesan or parish policies may request this of all vendors, regardless of the amount payable. If you’re not sure about what is required by your diocese to write a check to a vendor, it’s probably a good idea to grab the diocesan diocesan directory, look up the number for the diocesan accounting department and obtain some clarification.

If a vendor refuses to submit this documentation, the vendor is subject backup withholding. This means that if an invoice is $600 or more and the vendor fails to submit an accurate W-9, you may withhold 24% of the total amount.