a wake up call

In the desert of apathy,
the wasteland of chosen oblivion,
our tongue is parched
like baked clay,
dehydrated by the virus of harsh rhetoric
worldly potentates have flushed
into our eustachian tubes.
What can we hear
with flu tainted cotton wool?
We drown one another in a sea of silence.

Popular culture tells us go to sleep
in the way we put dogs and cats
who are too expensive to have dignity.
“Close your eyes,”
we say to our little ones,
“it will be better when you wake up;
the water isn’t cold-
you have a fever;
and Santa Claus
knows if you’ve been telling the truth.”

Maybe the grown-ups have it all wrong.
Maybe it isn’t bedtime, after all.
The morning star hasn’t set.
The morning star will never set.
Fortunately, for the grown-ups
we don’t figure this out
until we are grown-ups ourselves.

Now is not bedtime.

Drink from the font.
Wash your face. It’s time to start the day.
No one is sick. No one has a fever.
The water is cold because the water is cold.

Now is not bedtime.
Now is wake time.

You see…

God opened your eyes with a light,
a light so bright that it could only be his own progeny.
God cradled you
and marked your head with fragrant oil
so that you could share in Christ’s role
so that you could wear Christ’s crown
so that you could partake of the priesthood
so that you could see the vision
so that you could share in the royal inheritance

God opened your ears to hear all this,
and your lips too,
to fluently proclaim
the language of truth in the face of deception;
peace in the face of vengeance;
and love in the midst of hateful diatribes.

So the choice is yours.

Do you believe that God
has given you authority to speak?
Will you wake and walk
or are you weak?
Will you shake
the blankets heavy heap,
or will you just go back to sleep?

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