The sacred liturgy…

The liturgy is the source and the summit of Christian life. Everything we do starts with Sunday.  Your best parish begins with your best Sunday worship experience. Do you know what your Sunday best looks like? When was the last time you pulled it out of storage? Is your best Sunday worship experience ready to wear or does it need a little tailoring?

does not exhaust the entire activity of the Church…

You’re today’s pastor, which means, today you are the plumber and the painter. Tomorrow you are the personnel department and twice a month, you do payroll.  You treasure the times when you can do the things you were ordained to do. You look forward to moments when you can take a break from busy parish life, close your eyes, and stop worrying about dwindling collections.

it must be preceded…

When was the last time you pressed pause, sat down, kicked up your feet and got lost in a daydream about the future of your parish? When was the last time anyone ever asked you,

“What do you ask of God’s church?”

How can you prepare for the future if you haven’t had a moment to picture it in your head? How can you paint a colorful picture if all you have are charcoal pencils?

…by evangelization, faith, and conversion.

We are a new brand of brand-new evangelization. We have faith in faith-filled families. We convert obstacles into opportunities.  We convert empty pews into crowded churches. We convert weary staff into capable, enthusiastic, well-equipped missionary disciples.

FontSound offers affordable, sustainable pastoral solutions for every level of parish leadership. Our holistic approach to pastoral administration begins with Sunday and stretches beyond the limits of your imagination. We provide formation, training and the empowerment so that your missionary disciples can go beyond the horizon and bear the fruit that will remain.

The sacred liturgy does not exhaust the entire activity of the Church:

it must be preceded by evangelization, faith, and conversion.

It can then produce its fruits in the lives of the faithful:

new life in the Spirit,

involvement in the mission of the Church,

and service to her unity.

– CCC, 1027