The tomb of sleep, rising above and nests.

I don’t know about you, but Easter Monday is inevitably a day that is spent in  dreams that are punctuated by colorful grosgrain ribbons and instructed by red rubrics. In other words, on Easter Monday morning, I celebrate the Rite of Well Deserved Sleep. Today, I slept from 10 to 10 and then returned for another two hours.

Sleeping rabbit
The Easter Monday Rite of Well Deserved Sleep is celebrated by the Easter Bunny and weary liturgists

I walked over to my office to check on some things, put away the vigil fire-pit and get coffee. (I was actually too lazy to scoop coffee grounds into the re-usable K-cups.) I am looking forward to taking another day or two to organize my closet, do some laundry and work off the amazing Easter feast that I enjoyed with some great people.


Easter Prayers 
In the week that awaits, I share with you some Easter Sunday prayer intentions. In preparing them, I asked myself,

“What are our living graves?”

Right now, in our community,  addiction is a huge grave. In order to rise from it, we need to admit that is real. We also need to assure people who love someone with a substance dependency that there is no reason to be ashamed or guilty.   How can we, as a church, address this issue, and bring support to families who are suffering in silence?

Prison is a also a grave.  If it is truly a correctional institution, not a penal institution, then it can be a place where a person can focus on their personal strengths and ultimately return to society with a desire to do good things. The old life is layed to rest so a bright future can rise to new life.

Do you believe in new life?

Leader My friends, we witness to our belief in the promise of life over death by praying for our own needs and those of the whole world.

Reader  The response is, “so that all may rejoice!”

Reader  For the Church, may we be witnesses to our ongoing transformation in Christ, we pray

Reader  For the whole world, may it truly come to know the endless love of Christ, we pray,

Reader  For this community, may it be a place where people come together to nurture the signs of new life that blossom in our midst, we pray

Reader  For all who have been affected by the epidemic of heroin addiction,  may freedom be restored through enhanced awareness, treatment, and counseling, we pray,

Reader  For all who are in prison today, may their sentence be a time of positive self-growth and personal development, we pray

Reader  For those who have entered into eternal life and those who grieve for them, we pray,

Leader  God of life, today we celebrate the fullness of life shown to us by your son, Jesus, in the Resurrection. Help us to live in the light, confident that life will prevail over death, affirmed that goodness will triumph over evil, and certain that love never fails. We pray in the name of the Risen One. Amen.

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The church is a nest where all kinds of eggs are layed. Sometimes the mother bird returns, but when she doesn’t, we need to keep her brood warm with our love until new life breaks forth.

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