teaching with authority

What does it mean to teach with authority? Does it mean I’m the boss? Does it mean I’m in charge? Does teaching with authority mean I have rights to tell others what to do?


Authority is awareness. Authority is taking the time to become intimately familiar with the message God has imparted upon my heart. Authority is confidence in my strengths and acknowledgement of limitations.

Moreover, authority is time spent in the consciousness that the great I am is a far greater, grander, infinitely more consummate reality than “my self.” Self is an illusion. Authority is acknowledgement that truth comes from God alone, God who is one, and that we are inseparable from God.

Sometimes speaking with authority is met with mockery on behalf of demons, but they will depart.

Authority is not about being in charge. Authority is kenosis- the emptying of oneself like a fully loaded dishwasher.

Authority is acting with humility, speaking truthfully, living with certainty that God fills all of our emptiness.

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