Are you interested in having your very own Elena on retainer? Aside from the super-cool rhyme scheme, your annual subscription entitles you to


  • A very cool holiday card.
  • A very cool birthday card.
  • Optional return address on cards from progressive theologian of your choice.
  • Weekly hand/brain & heart-crafted Prayers of the Faithful.
  • Occasional exclusive subscribers’ only content.
  • Your choice: a handcrafted metrical hymn-tune or a handcrafted piece of art.
  • Local bonus- a free homegrown summer vegetable (drive-by pickup required.)
  • Non local bonus- a free artsy postcard.

An annual subscription is $36.  For three dollars per month, you are helping a young, progressive bohemian and filling your world with much needed art, creativity and passion. It’s kind of like operation rice-bowl except the bowl has quinoa in it.

Please shoot me an email at I’ll gather your info and send you a secure PayPal link to complete your subscription.


Subscriptions are non refundable.  First three signeruppers are guaranteed a discount. 🙂