One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is crafting prayer that resonates with today’s issues. It’s cool to hear someone else proclaim it, especially when they do so attentively. I don’t think anyone knows that I’m the one who gets to draft these things but it feels really good when I fall asleep at night to know that at least in my (unfortunately not very snowy) corner of the world, the way we pray speaks to today.

Here is the penitential act for this coming weekend.

PRIEST Lord Jesus, you are the fulfillment of the law,
For the times we have trusted in the laws of worldly leaders,
ALL Lord have mercy. 

PRIEST Christ Jesus, your wisdom is beyond the confines of time and space,
For the times we have been narrow minded or confined to a limited world-view,
ALL Christ have mercy. 

PRIEST Lord Jesus, you set before us good and evil,
For the times when we’ve made discipleship overly complicated for ourselves and for others,
ALL Lord have mercy. 

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