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America magazine released this article on Tobin’s remarks about the need for women to speak the truth in the Church.

I’ve seen a lot in 17 years of ministerial employment. The wonderful experiences I’ve enjoyed have been peppered by some very strange ones, especially lately. I’ve witnessed how an outdated discipline has forced a lot of people to nurse heartbreak in silence, forced many more to live stigmatized by broken promises, and made a shadow puppet theater for the ones who feel like choosing between two goods is too much. Moreover, the misogyny culture is pervasive.

Every morning, I wake up and look in the mirror. I ask myself why I stay.

Tobin suggests that as more women than men exit the church, women who stay should speak to their decision. My choice is simple.

Jesus was rejected by many, but he did not reject them. He suffered and died for them as much as the ones who embraced them. Why should I live any differently?

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