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It occured to me after my last post, that I spent my entire Saturday night blogging. I will unabashedly admit that when I’m not working, I find myself blogging about things that I observe when I am working. Is this normal? Is this sane? I think this is indebatably haha-funny.

One of the things I love about my job is that there is never a break. (That’s not sarcasm either.) I feel like I am always on-call. When I’m not working, I’m thinking about working. More than anything else in life, I feel like my highest purpose is in making work my number one priority. Most lay pastoral folks have families. I don’t. It’s admittedly lonely sometimes, but the sense of dependability mitigates most of that. Work relies on me to get things done, and I rely on more work to keep me busy on my days off from work.

Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but you get the idea.

One of the more unusual terms of my job description indicates that I must have a reliable form of transportation. I chose my car because my three former bosses all drove the same make, and never had issues. I’m sad to return Silver Fox the First when the lease is up in April, because, with the exception of the locked steering wheel incident, he has been an extraordinarily faithful four door, four cylinder, fuel efficient steel- framed canine. I have my eyes set on a smaller car that I can afford to purchase outright. I’m learning to drive manual transmission because Silver Fox the Second is among the rare 6% of vehicles that require the art of clutch control. My hope is that I’ll have the same level of reliability in SFS that I had in SFF.

Reliability. I think its clear that we can rely on God. I’m amazed at the many times I’ve asked for God’s providence and God has provided. What about you? Can God rely on you? Are you a vehicle of God’s spirit? How does God rely on you to reveal his love to one another?

Elena in the final days of Silver Fox the First.

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