for real

A few weeks ago, I blogged about speaking from the heart. As I continue to explore my own sense of a healthy connection, I’m amazed at the amount of wonderful, beautiful people who are so paralyzed by insecurity that they are incapable of voicing their feelings. These are smart, otherwise self-aware men. What’s worse, is that I often find myself responding in equally disingenuous repartee. I feel childish about saying something sincere, kind and true.

Ironically, most of the people who identify as “sarcastic,” or enjoy sarcasm also indicate that they are looking for meaningful and lasting relationships. How can we hope for any positive, sincere and honest communication when the first language is one of inverted truth? How can anyone feel safe about anything if the majority of our words are not truly what we mean?

I thought this video about our overuse of sarcasm made a lot of sense:

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