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This year, in addition to our parish Easter letter, we also printed 1,000 post flyers for distribution in local businesses.  Our Easter letter goes to parishioners who are in our parish database-but what about the people who aren’t in our database? What about the people who have just moved here and want to go to church for Palm Sunday and Easter?  

Later today, I’ll be driving around to some local stores, (gasp, perhaps a bar or two…) and dropping off a short stack of cards for anyone who might be interested in keeping them by the register. 

For the main graphic, I chose a line from the Exsultet, “Of this night scripture says, the night shall be as clear as day…” and then morphed the letter-head insignia for a chic, sharp yet consistently identifiable version of our standard logo. 

I did some homework. Apparently, one of the public schools in our parish welcomes an average of two new families per week. Our parish serves several municipalities in the fastest growing county in South Jersey,  (note, Gloucester County is #9 in all of Jersey, but South Jersey, is technically anything including Camden, Atlantic and below.) According to the list, more people are moving in than moving out. One of the townships that we serve has increased in overall population by 236% between 2000 & 2010. Although only  26.1% of people in our county identify as Catholic, these are still promising numbers. It also means that people might not even know where their church is located- and if they only have a sporadic relationship with their local parish, they might be inclined to simply go back to their parents’ parish or the chapel at their alma mater for holiday celebrations.

I believe that we need to do everything to communicate our mission and message in a relevant and professional way.  Check this out. (Take a close look at the banners…I think the person who produced this video also had the same graphic design pet-peeves that I have.) 

When I designed our Easter flyer, I wanted a sleek, contemporary design and a bold, eye-catching color. It couldn’t be green because there is a community church (who does a great job of evangelization) in the area with a green color scheme in their print media.  The flyer also had to have  our letter-head logo somewhere-even if it was color-morphed- for the sake of uniformity. Finally, we wanted to show that we are Catholic, but we  didn’t want it to look too devotional or church-y. 

I used one font family: Montserrat, which included Montserrat Light, Montserrat Hairline and Montserrat Bold. I tried to design it using, but I was far more satisfied with the results from Microsoft Word, believe it or not. 

 For the front of the card, click here…


and the back, click here.

This is how it came back from our awesome printer

Hooray, our post-flyers are in! Coming to a store near you!  



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