praying with parents

I created a short series of prayer services to coincide with our summer faith formation experience.

My intention is to gather with parents after the drop their children for class, to pray for 10 minutes in the morning. Each day is focused on a particular relevant need. I’m looking forward to seeing how it is received in my parish. I hope that it encourages parents to get together on their own and bring their needs to God in communal prayer.

The format is based very, very loosely on morning prayer. In fact, really the only similarities are the introductory dialogue, a scripture passage and a short set of intercessions-but alas, it is a start. We also want to stay limited to 10 minutes so that busy parents would be encouraged to attend.

I hope that if you like it, you might consider using it to build a prayer service in your own parish.

Click here to download a PDF…and if you use it… remember me in your prayers throughout the day.

Praying with Parents

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