Prayers of the Faithful

Hi folks. It’s been a while since I have written anything. I am passionate about prayer and finding beautiful words to connect the human experience with the thirst for God’s presence. I love thinking about how beautiful God is and what it must be like to live with Him forever. 

Just about every week, I am entrusted to craft the prayers which we offer to God in the name of our parish. Formulaic, to delight my math brain, and poetic to satisfy my art brain, its become quite a pleasurable routine. Its like dancing on a canvas with acrylic paint on my shoes. After the dance has ended, a multi-toned pattern forms an unforseen beauty. 

Since May of 2015, I have been called as the Pastoral Associate in a merged parish on the East Coast with a very Justin-the-Martyr’s Apology perspective on leadership, liturgy and life in Christ.  Here’s what we are praying for on 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Aware that Christ was sent by the Father to live just like us,
let us take our prayers to God
who has first-hand experience in the field of human need,

For the Church, may we mindful of our call at baptism
to reveal God’s love
as intercessors, visionaries and servant-leaders.

For all nations,
may they seek an end to injustice and warfare
guided by the one who is mightier
than any earthly ruler, we pray

For our community,
may we offer redemption, restoration and renewal
for those who seek refuge, we pray,

For pastoral ministers,
may they lead in compassionate service,
confident and secure in God’s unconditional love, we pray,

For the sick, dying and grieving;
for those who have died;
may they share the eternal glory
which they were promised at baptism, we pray,

Father of justice, you grasp us by the hand and claim us as your own in baptism. Wash away our anxieties, and set our hearts on fire with the desire to meet you in every aspect of human existence. May the awareness of your presence inspire us to walk in your way, so that as a well-pleased creator, we may at last, be at home in our eternal home with you, the one God who leads and lives forever and ever, Amen.

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