Prayers of the Faithful

Between the two campaigns from USCCB: Respect Life Month and Share the Journey, as well as some weighty issues in current events, its been difficult to write some prayers that are both well crafted, and all-encompassing. Furthermore, it is our parish custom to pray for people who have recently been confirmed or received first Eucharist, in the week that follows. (As was the case this weekend for 113 confirmandi.)

I’ve linked to a copy of the liturgy in our parish this weekend as I promised some folks who follow another Catholic blogger on Facebook. The issue at hand:

Do we write in a petition for the recent Las Vegas shooting?

At time of printing, we didn’t have a petition for the shooting in Vegas- yet, I had already drafted something which was inspired by words in the second reading that spoke of healing for people with mental illness and suicidal ideation. Furthermore the final petition addresses the needs of all who have died.

I would suggest to leave this week’s petitions alone. Next week, after recent tragic events have been overshadowed by something perhaps more trivial, it would be a great opportunity to continue prayers for all affected by the shooting.

I would simply add for next week:

That all who feel impelled to use firearms for mass murder might abandon their weapons, turn to God and choose life for those in their path, we pray.

Prayers of the Faithful are found on page 2 and around page 8 of the document. (Its structured to be printed and split between a chair and ambo binder.)

I honestly don’t love how disjunct the petions feel this week, but there will always be time to improve.

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