Palm Sunday Affirmation

Here’s our introduction to the readings for Palm Sunday.

You are worthy. You are loved. You are welcome in this place, as it is my home and your home, and the home of all who gather here today as a family of believers in Christ.

In today’s readings, first we will hear about Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, where he is welcomed almost like a celebrity, and then we will hear about how he is put to death as a criminal. Your life might not be this dramatic, but can you imagine the sense of betrayal that he must have felt?

As you extend these branches to be blessed, you are also blessed. Think about where you will display the palms in the coming year, perhaps in your car or in your home. Carry your branch high today. Keep it as a reminder that from this point forward, you will live to praise Christ every day.  Keep it as a sign of your own personal promise that you will not give up on yourself, that you won’t turn your back on God’s love, and that you will journey with us to the joy that awaits us on Easter Sunday.

Please turn and face the main entrance of our home…










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