i will dry your tears

Rest assured… for all of the trials you have endured, images (5)for all of the challenges that you have faced, for all of the sacrifices that you have made, God will wipe away every tear stained trace of suffering from your eyes.

In your perseverance, you have been entrusted by God be a messenger of good news, a model of unconditional love, and an agent for positive change in the world.

Shake the dust of resistance from your feet, keep your head held high, and never forget the promise of eternal life that you receive as a follower of Christ. Christ and the Father are one. Nothing can take you from God’s hand.  

What kind of difficulties have you encountered lately? How has your relationship with God present in your community, empowered you to defeat negativity in your life?

How can you, in turn, be a light to others and an ambassador of salvation in Christ?

Elena V. Brandt © 2016 www.fontsound.org 
This was the introduction to our readings on Sunday 17 April, which I drafted several weeks ago. 


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