Official Hymn for the Holy Year of Mercy

My tastes in liturgical music are quite eclectic. I love Taize and but I also love contemporary music by artists like Chris Tomlin. The Official Hymn for the Holy Year of Mercy   is closer to Taize than Tomlin, but has a lot of potential for adaptation.

The hymn is composed by Paul Inwood and Eugenio Costa, S.J.  It has a simple, polyphonic refrain, and the verse consists of 4 chanted tropes, with a short response. Melodically, harmonically and structurally, it is a well written piece of music. I am thinking about a way to introduce it in my parish during lent. Part of the reason I like it is because it is highly adaptable for a variety of languages. Its also possible to change the text of the verses, for example at communion, to reflect the verses in the Graduale Romanum, or another pertinent scriptural text. I am looking forward to sharing this with my parish music ministry team and seeing how they are able to adapt it to the liturgical needs of our parish.Pater

The text of the refrain is
Misericordia sicut pater 

which means
Merciful like the Father

and the response after each trope is
in aeternum misercoridia eius

which means
His mercy is eternal.


Download the full score here
Download the guitar chords & multi-lingual score here
The fun continues with the polyphonic musical afterparty in this neat polyphonic coda

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