full conscious five: free instagram content apps your church should be using

If FontSound had to choose only one social media platform, we would definitely choose Instagram. It has just enough versatility so we can share written content and visuals, but it unlike Pinterest it’s not overwhelming. Moreover, Instagram videos are limited to a minute in length, so good content doesn’t require an entire day of editing.

FontSound has only been on Instagram since May 2018, but we’ve grown organically to over 500 followers. We’ve also discovered quite a few apps that make it easier for to post better content, and connect with more people on Instagram. Here are five of our favorites.


Canva is a simple, user-friendly graphics app with a variety of trendy templates, fonts and free clip art. It also offers a growing selection of free stock photos. We’ve been using Canva since 2016 for parish communications. FontSound loved it so much that we bought the professional subscription for several years. In 2018, Canva launched an app for Android, and we used this app to render the first design of the FontSound logo, as well as many of our YouTube thumbnails. The free version of Canva has a lot to offer, and it’s cloud based, so it won’t take too much storage on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Canva is a great app for you if you are just getting started with creating social media graphics for your church. Use this for posting information with more than one or two distinct text elements, such as a flyer, or an invitiation.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another easy-to-use graphics app with all of the features of Canva, and then some. Spark has a magic resize alignment option, so that that the letters change size but remain aligned within the shape. Effects like outlines and drop shadows can be added so that text pops off the background. Spark isn’t just an app to create PNGs or JPGs. Any image can become motion graphic by adding animation to the letters or one of the high quality stock photos that are available through the app at no extra charge.

Spark is perfect when you want to make polished, professional looking designs. We use it for weekly scripture posts. The motion graphics also can serve as introductions to Youtube & Instagram videos.


KineMaster is a powerful, reliable video editing app for smartphone, so you can trim footage, add transitions, adjust volume and mix background music. Fonts can be downloaded through the app so that text and titles are consistent with your brand. New features have recently been added so that the user can choose between a portrait, landscape or 1:1 format. The final edit can be exported at a variety of FPS rates, including the cinematic standard of 24 frames per second. KineMaster is powerful enough software that we’ve transferred content from DSLR on to smartphone. The only thing that would make it better would be if it was available for a laptop.

KineMaster is an exceptional editing tool with a comprehensive set of features for videos of any length. Use this to create Instagram videos, Youtube Videos, or even to create rehearsal resources for musicians.

PhotoShop Express

PhotoShop Express has many features of LightRoom CC and PhotoShop CC rolled into an easy-to-use smartphone app. Our favorite features are the color splash filters which highlight a single color within a photo. We’ve used the red, blue and violet color-splash filters (among many others) to make multiple edits of the same shot, and it looks especially cool with photos of stained glass. There are corrective options to adjust temperature, clarity, shadows and exposure, among many other elements. Photos can be cropped for a variety of formats and simple text can be added. While we love the LightRoom CC app, we’re quite impressed with the growing list of features that are constantly being to this image editing app.

PhotoShop Express is a great way to make photos of parish events look extra exciting. Plus, you can add a watermark or text before uploading to Instagram.

HashTags for Promotion by Prilaga.com

We’ve tried several different hashtag generators, but this one seems to be the most capable at generating hashtags that are relevant to Catholic ministry. It’s simple. Enter a topic, and the app generates up to 30 different related hashtags which can be copied and posted in your comments or captions. We save time by favoriting a search so that it can be used in future posts.

Use a hashtag generator when you want to connect with others who might be interested in the kind of content your church is posting, or when you want to use social media to form local connections.

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