Do meetings leave you feeling overwhelmed? Does constant complaining feel draining? Have you ever poured thousands of dollars into a program that promises a rebuilt, renewed or divinely renovated parish, only to discover that your community has become more divided than ever before? Would you like to explore some innovative strategies for growth or transition, without alienating your major contributors?

That’s Why We’re Here

Our FontStorming sessions are a fun, informal way for parish and diocesan leaders to explore new possibilities, shake off stuck energy and transform obstacles into opportunities. We’re full of out-of-the box answers for today’s toughest pastoral challenges. We love tossing out ideas, trying them on for size, and helping you decide on the one that best fits your situation.

Don’t waste your dwindling budget on another cookie-cutter initiative. Take back your time, harness untapped energy and gain a new lease on parish life. We offer stand-alone sessions and packages for every budget.

FontStorms are great for:

  • Parishes in transition
  • Leaders who aren’t exactly sure what kind of help they need
  • Parish councils and staff who are tired of meetings that go nowhere
  • Anyone who wants more young people in church and more money in the collection
  • Anyone who is tired of doing the same old thing, and getting the same old results


Sun Shower

  • Single session
  • Up to 4 participants
  • 1 focus area


Rainy Days

  • 4 sessions
  • Up to 20 participants
  • 2 focus areas


Monsoon Season

  • 12 sessions
  • Up to 40 participants
  • 4 focus areas


Mileage and accommodations are additional. Parishes are encouraged to combine resources and share expenses.