FontSound Goes to #NPM41

After a long morning on their respective organ/piano benches, liturgy experts Tony Varas an Elena Brandt from @fontsound meet up for some preparations for their week at the 2018 National Association of Pastoral Musicians’ Convention in Baltimore, MD.

The FontSounding BFFs walk to WholeFoods to stockpile Lärabars for their road trip to #NPM2018. They get into a discussion of what they are planning to do at the convention, besides eat 10 vegan energy, be silly, and make more videos like this. Tony is going to #FosteringtheArt and Elena is excited about Ricky Manalo’s workshop on tech & liturgy.

Subscribing the single most beneficial thing YOU can do to help the FontSound #FontFam grow! MEET US on Tuesday night, July 10 in Baltimore. Subscribe to this channel to find out where.

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