Today is Day 3 of FontMas and we’re doing the first GIVEAWAY! Subscribe to the FontSound channel and leave a comment on the vid below to enter the contest. We’ll pick one lucky winner on the last day of FontMas to win one of our favorite things.

On the third day of FontMas, Tony and Elena sing Pastores a Belén, a Christmas carol from Puerto Rico, and popular throughout the Spanish speaking world. At the end of the video, Elena announces a small giveaway. One lucky subscriber who comments with the following….

“What’s your favorite treat?”

will win one of our favorite treats- Larabars! The winner will be announced at the end of #FontMas.

Pastores a Belén in Flor y Canto Tercera Edición from OCP & Oramos Cantando from GIA Publications.

Oramos Cantando is a handy resource for parishes who celebrate major feasts with bilingual liturgies. While it may not be cost effective for your parish to invest in a bilingual hardbound hymnal for the entire worship space, you might want to consider purchasing a few copies of this resource for your choir. It contains exclusive versions of popular Spanish hymns with English translations that cannot be found anywhere else, and it also contains translations of popular English hymns in Spanish. Many of these songs are also found in resources like Flor y Canto or Breaking Bread, respectively. When it comes time for Christmas or Holy Week, your choir could use Oramos Cantando to sing translated versions of repertoire that is familiar to each language group. For the assembly, you could create a print or digital worship aide.

If you would like to take a look at this resource in depth, you can order a used copy of the pew-edition on Amazon for less than $20, or request a sample copy through GIA. A used guitar accompaniment can be found for less than $100.  The 3-CD set of all songs in Oramos Cantando is only $34.99 on Amazon. This is a handy tool for the musicians in your ensembles who learn solely by ear.

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