FontMas Day 1: Bilingual Duet

For the first day of #FontMas, we sang through Child of the Poor in English and a verse of What Child is This/¿Qué Niño es Este? in Spanish.

You can order Child of the Poor, by Scott Soper through

The bilingual version of What Child is This?/¿Qué Niño es Este? is found in GIA’s bilingual resource Oramos Cantando. We’ll be presenting a few more carols specifically from this resource. Oramos Cantando is the only hymnal I’ve seen with English translations of villancicos like Alegría and Pastores a Bélen. It also contains bilingual versions of popular traditional hymns such as How Great Thou Art and Oh Buén Jesus along with many others all in one single volume. Even if you have other resources in your pews, like Breaking Bread & Flor y Canto (OCP,) or Celebremos (WLP,) you might want to consider purchasing some copies of Oramos Cantando for your choirs. Instead of ordering octavos for bilingual liturgies, the choir edition of this hymnal will give your choirs some challenging and versatile material all in one handy hardbound book.

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