Worship Aides
Aside from eating avocados and knitting, designing worship aides is probably my favorite activity. I design two-color, full color and b&w worship aides for Catholic liturgy, using MuseScore and Microsoft Word. I’m very low-tech- but I re-engrave so that fonts are seamlessly integrated. Other projects include a print design for etching a glass panel, and freehand artwork for prayer cards.

Here are some samples of my work:

Confirmation 2017 NEW!

Ash Wednesday

Easter Vigil 2017 Liturgy

FHC Song Sheet

Holy Thursday 2017

Bulletin Prototype

2015 Confirmation


Door-Cana 1

Etching: Wedding at Cana 1

Door-Cana 2
Etching: Wedding at Cana 2

Here are some websites I have designed (including my own,

Just Employment for Turtles

Peoples’ Workshop