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I’d never heard of a Fish Fry until I came to my current parish.

Although I don’t partake in our parish Fish Fry fry-days (because I’m a little bit of an oddball about what I will and won’t eat,) I think that it’s great to know that our community continues to celebrate this popular Catholic tradition.

I don’t eat a lot of things, but I do eat fish, probably about three or four times a week. Over ten years of meatlessness, I’ve yet to figure out what a pescatarian like me is supposed to do about dinner on Lenten days of abstinence. I mean, do I turn the little fish icon printed atop the Lenten Fridays in the Propagation of the Faith calendar into an avocado?

All jokes aside, the most successful personal Lenten Friday initiatives have not been once of food abstinence, but self-improvement. One year, I met for an hour with a parishioner who was a professor of Spanish, and we practiced conversational Spanish. It helped me to understand how difficult it must be for new Americans who struggle with speaking English. By the end of the hour, I felt like my brain had been running full speed on a treadmill. (It felt good, stretched and worked, but it was tired!) This year, I’m working on my assertiveness skills for an hour a week.

I have to agree with this quote from an article about Lenten delicacies:

When it comes to fasting, we Catholics don’t have much to complain about. We fast, but we can still have a normal meal and two smaller meals. We can’t eat meat on Fridays, but we can eat fish. And so we fry it. And throw a party with all our friends.

The article goes on to list a bunch of cute animals that are considered customary Lenten Friday fare in certain diocese throughout the world. While I am sad to hear that Capybaras and Beavers are popular regional cuisine, I thought this article was interesting, and wanted to share it with my readers.

Read more: “The giant Venezuelan rodent that tastes like fish, and other obscure Lenten delicacies,” CatholicNews Agency. March, 2017

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