find christ

Find the hungry Christ
in the compulsive eater
starved of joy,
famished for companionship,
the bulemic,
and the anorexic
who nourishes the need for control
in the absence
of nourishing the self

Find the thirsty Christ
in the alcoholic
walk with them to the well
of the water of abundant life
share with them
the common cup of belonging

Find the naked Christ
in the compulsive shopper
who has so many pairs of shoes
and jeans
but nothing to cover
the shame for her body
which torments her
day in and day out

Find the imprisoned Christ
in those who live a life sentence
of cultural incarceration
because their hearts protest
the laws of X and Y:

in the alpha-male warden
who yearns to express
a feminine streak buried within,
to sew or knit or wear a dress

and the independent woman
no kids, no husband,
earning $0.77 on the dollar
free to earn less, pay more

Find the lonely Christ
in the crowded room
where so much anxiety
is a bad memory
and no Xanax can erase
that time
when all the kids laughed…

Find the suffering Christ
in the seemingly healthy
the visibly wealthy
the worldly learned
the unspurned
the hotel magnate
and the streetwise

Christ I look for you.
Christ show me your light
Christ you are with us
Christ in plain sight

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