Easter Affirmation

Here’s my Easter introduction to mass. People need to hear this! Please feel free to apply it in your own parish or during your Easter homily. 

You are right where you belong. You are here, in God’s presence. You are here because you believe, and as a believer, you are worthy of God’s goodness. You are worthy of a bright future, a life of joy, a life of peace, and a life with God that never ends.

Sin, suffering, bad habits, anxiety, heartbreak, loneliness, addiction, abuse… none of these realities have the final word in your life as a Christian.

Through his passion, death and resurrection, Christ conquered all of these things and he is here, living among you and me and everyone else gathered here today- to guide you to victory over any negativity that you face in your life.

Today, we discover that Christ is alive and he calls you to live in real freedom—he calls you to live in unconditional love. How can you take that good news to your friends and family today? How can you be a sign of new life?

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