bugging out

My lenten practice? To do a better job of using my talents to conquer the things that frustrate me. One example is passive aggressive (wo)manipulation.

Games, cunning, stealth maneuvers are not productive. Either come to me directly or go to my supervisor, and when you do, be sure to speak from an “I” place. I promise to listen for the truth in your feedback and do my best to apply it towards my continued self improvement. When adults, especially older adults, cannot climb the chain of remedy, and feel the need to act out, I kind of want to throw myself on the floor and dance like a waterbug at a pyrethrin manufacturing plant. The gig, jig, gigue,-however you spell it- is up.

I’ve seen how a poor choice of strategy destroy good people. Its destroyed good teams. Transparency is the only way. Sadly, ministry attracts a certain sense of insecurity that lacks alignment with transparent living. Remember, I discussed this in my post from Saturday, I was there once. In my younger, less secure days, others were challenged to give honest feedback because they feared my response. I think if we are aware of
our own gifts we can more readily align ourselves with the kinds of tasks which allow for security and transparent living.

I noticed I have such a difficult time when others fail to name manipulative behavior. I thought this article from Forbes offered some great ways to identify it and take steps to counter it productively.


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