Jesus, living love of God the Father, you went to the desert to fast and pray,
Before you took up the cross and gave your life on Calvary.

As we walk with you during this holy season of Lent,
Help us to find a little desert each day, to fast from the busy-ness of life,
To reconnect with you and redirect our focus toward the personal cross
you call us to carry.

When we are condemned or wrongly accused,
We remember that you were condemned to death.

When we feel life isn’t fair,
We remember that you willingly accepted your cross.

When the weight of the world knocks us down,
We remember the first time you fell.

When we feel like our parents don’t care about our suffering,
We remember that you met your mother Mary
was there to meet you along the way.

When we don’t want to be bothered with anyone else’s suffering,
We remember Simon, who helped carry your cross.

When we feel too proud to ask for help,
We remember Veronica, who wiped your face.

When we become impatient with ourselves, and ask “why can’t I get this?”
We remember that you fell a second time.

When we feel too embarrassed to turn to our friends,
We remember that you were supported by the women of Jerusalem.

When we feel like we’re never going to get it right,
We remember that you fell yet a third time!

When we’ve been bullied,
We remember that you were stripped of your dignity, taunted and teased.

When we can’t take the pain of loss or a broken heart any more,
We remember the nails that went through your hands and feet.

When we are ready to give up,
We remember that you could have saved yourself from the cross, but you died for us.

When we feel like our efforts are in vain,
We remember that when your body was taken down from the cross,
the water of life flowed from your side

When we feel like all hope is gone,
We remember that you were layed in a tomb, and that three days later,
You rose triumphant over darkness and death.

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