a realistic blessing

May your heart be open
And so your mind
To the light which shines
When the shadows have passed

May your stomach and table
Be full of food and friends
So to confide in heart-harbors
When the long day ends

May your weekly earnings
Cover all your expenses
with enough for saving
And some for sharing with others

If your roof leaks,
May it be a quick repair
If your car breaks down
May the mechanic be fair

If your feet should trip
May you stumble upon a treasure
And may you rise strong
Alert, aware and unscathed

If you should make a wrong turn
May you have a full tank of gas
so the detour lead you to a park
In an undiscovered section of town

If you lose your job,
May your severance be generous
And may a new opportunity
Greet you with a new sense of purpose.

If a relationship should end
May your grief lead you
To new friendships
And a newfound sense of self-love

When you lack words
May noble silence feel natural
When you lack certainty
May prayer be instinctual

For all that may not be so rosy
For all that may not be so sweet
May God grant you wisdom
To see his gentle love
In these moments too,
But we pray your joy be often
And your sorrows few.

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