1. Go to a meeting

  2. Remember people who are affected by addictions in the prayers of the faithful at least once a month Pray as a staff for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

  3. Invite someone from county public health or another qualified organization to do a presentation for ALL staff.


Take an inventory of resources on staff and in community.

  1. Ask for help from your diocese and from local professional treatment providers.

  2. Seek out first hand insight from parish families who have been affected by addiction

  3. Start a group if you dont already have one.

  4. Host a prescription pill disposal drive. Encourage parishioners to do a 40 day fast from alchohol

  5. Preach about your own encounter with addiction and recovery if you feel comfortable. If not, have a parish mission and invite someone who is comfortable to speak to the topic. Either way, be sure to acknowledge that the Church can improve the way it ministers to people affected by this disease.