praying with my homies

I recently got into praying the hours. Its not something I do with major ritual or ceremony (after all, I am the liturgist who defies all liturgist stereotypes,) but it’s given me a lot of peace during a challenging series of weeks. I have struggled with a life changing decision. I also had to tell someone that as much as I cared about them, someone I know I love, that now was not an acceptable time to nurture a friendship. This was one of the most difficult personal choices I ever had to make. I found the wisdom I needed to assert myself in the readings and psalms of hours and the Divine Office.

If you want to, you can read them here at

I love being able to design prayer, especially for meetings of colleagues.
I got asked to do this again for a meeting of the diocesan liturgical commission. For our meeting I took 4 of the short readings from the Hours and put them together, with a sung response and some reflection questions. These are kind of difficult readings: they forced me to be fearlessly honest with myself. They ask some difficult questions.

I hope that you might consider adapting these prayers for your own usage.

Leader’s Guide

Assembly Edition

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